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If you want to take your training to the next level our Personal Trainers will teach, motivate and inspire to help get you there. Our trainers equal results!

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The key to success is encouraging people of all ages and fitness levels to have a go, and really challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

Snap Back Boxing aligned with Zenith Fitness classes allow you to fulfil your goals in a friendly environment. You push yourself at your speed and level with the aim of bettering yourself in not only fitness levels; but also in your attitude, confidence and self-esteem.

‘Snapback Boxing’ which was born out of a desire to use the training, techniques and discipline of boxing to raise fitness levels, self-esteem and confidence among people of all ages. We encourage people from all walks of life and fitness levels to join in the fun, whanau focused sessions where encouragement is the key focus.

Snapback Boxing also specialises in working with youth groups to channel their energy in a fun and engaging manner; to be leaders, good role models and positive contributors to society. Strong and supportive Whanau is the key to inspiring people of all ages and Snapback Boxing has Whanau at the forefront of their Kaupapa.


PH:  027 318 1637



After 15 years in the Hairdressing industry, I have jumped ship to the Zenith Family.

I am a Mum of 4 children and enjoy everything Equine, so other than being the friendly face you meet at the front desk; I am a horse trainer and child wrangler.


PH:  027 4775377


  • Diploma in Exercise Science

  • Certified Pre-Postnatal Coaching Specialist GGS Academy

  • 3rd Age Women/Menopause and Hysterectomy-Burrell Education

  • Founder of Mumzy Bubzy Fitness

  • Certified Les Mils & Pilates Instructor

  • Reps registered with Comprehensive First Aid

As an avid sports person, mum and someone that loves the outdoor, helping others reach their potential is what I’m about. With over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry, I have the knowledge and support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with an holistic approach, whether it’s to run a marathon, loss weight or just get through the day without back pain.

You talk and I will listen and together we will find your achievable lifestyle plan. My specialties lie in female strength training and, more specifically, pre and postnatal, and Post Menopause Exercise.


PH:  021 164 9097


  • Level 5 Certificate in Exercise Science

  • Black Belt in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate

  • 2nd Degree BJC Muay Thai Instructor

  • Level 2 First Aid

From humble beginnings I’ve worked hard to shape and mold myself both inside and out using martial arts along with fitness as my platform. Let me help you with your journey, whatever your desired destination might be I can assist you.


Specialising in:

  • Body composition (Fat loss)

  • Self Defence

  • Kickboxing

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Diet & Exercise Adherence


I'm looking forward to working alongside you to achieve your goals!


PH:  022 086 7217


  • Bachelor of Human Performance

  • NZ Iron, Level 1

  • Comprehensive First Aid

  • ISAK (Skinfold Tester), Level 1 Anthropometrist

  • Certificate in Adult Teaching, Level 5

Specialising in:

• Sports Massage • Strength and Conditioning • Deep Tissue Massage

• Strongman training • Trigger Pointing Therapy • Rehabilitation

• Cupping Therapy • Sports Specific Training • Sports Teams

• Skinfold Testing • Mobilization • Weight Loss

• Tournaments • Bodybuilding

I come with 14 years’ experience as a sports therapist/personal trainer, with knowledge of a wide range of massage methods and techniques. It gives me such fulfilment knowing I have made a difference to my clients when they are able to walk out better than they walked in. I am very passionate about massaging, personal training, and working alongside athletes so they can perform at their highest level.


“My focus and energy is on you and your success”.


PH:  027 361 6025


I offer my services to all levels of fitness, from high performance athletes to working with the general population who are looking to improve their health and well-being. I am currently the head of strength & conditioning for the PNBHS 1st XV rugby team and have worked with pro & semi pro athletes including a couple of All Blacks, where I know I will find the next big thing within the Zenith gym.

Training smarter with a hard working work ethic is my philosophy I live by and I hope to pass this on to others. So if you’re looking to achieve higher honours in sport or just want to find a new you, don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll get started!

  • Certificate in exercise sport prescription (CESP)

  • Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science - BSc(SpEx)

  • Certificate in first aid

Specialising in:

- Strength & conditioning

- High performance fitness testing

- Sport specific programming

- Sports psychology

- Olympic weightlifting

- Boxing

- Rehabilitation

- Movement competency screening (MCS)

- Strength training

- Muscle building

- Weight loss

E:      PH:  027 447 8762


  • Certificate in Exercise Level 4

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport & exercise *Majoring in health & wellness* Level 6

  • Comprehensive First Aid


I’m Lakayla! Your new Personal Trainer here at Zenith! Zenith isn’t just a gym; this is a place where I pride myself to work alongside such wonderful and experienced Trainers who have the same aspirations and values as myself. Plus, they have some pretty amazing members!

My passion for sport and exercise has been around for as long as I can remember, I was taught the foundation of body awareness, conditioning, mentality and discipline at a very young age through my younger years as a gymnast. This then led onto team sports such as netball which I participated in for a number of years. Athletics was another passion of mine and you would always find me on the register for the 100m and 200m sprints every year, eventually providing me with the opportunity to be selected to represent in the MISSA athletics competition in my final year of school.

Fast forward to today my passion is bigger than ever, and with these skills and abilities I aim to give back, support, coach and help people boost their physical & mental health, confidence, well-being, self-worth, knowledge and values within themselves.

For me I always say there is no finish line. The process is forever. Always becoming, endlessly learning. The larger the vision, the larger the impact. So, come along for the ride and let’s ride your journey of success to become the healthiest version of yourself together!


PH:  027 471 4274