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Beyond your peak 24/7

We have created a 24-hour gym facility which has 8 specifically designed workout areas so you can enjoy getting fit and healthy whenever you feel like it!

Gym Facilities

  • Premier 24/7 club
  • Air conditioned
  • Clean and healthy environment
  • 2 group fitness rooms
  • Les Mills classes
  • Light & heavy free weight zones
  • State of the art equipment
  • High quality security
  • Comfortable with lots of space
  • Quality Personal Trainers
  • Functional Training Zone, TRX
  • Nutritional Plans
  • Baby sitting service
  • Group fitness, including Boxing and Bootcamps
  • 100% Kiwi designed concept for everyday New Zealanders
  • Corporate options available (including onsite training for staff members), contact us for more information

8 Workout Areas

  • weights

    Heavy Weight Zone

    Heavy Weight zone - our heavy weight zone is for the more experienced lifter and caters to all types of lifting, offering a range of full and half squat racks as well as 2 Olympic lifting platforms, a full range of benches and dumbbells up to 60kg, we have everything you could want to either grow in size or strength.

  • Pure Strength

    Next to our heavy weight zone is our pure strength section, which is designed to allow unilateral movements, ensuring that both sides of the body is trained evenly and increasing stability at the same time. This area is perfect for everyone from the average joe through to the seasoned pro as you can have a very effective light weight work out or you can load the machines up and go for gold as they have very high top weights.

  • Light Weight Zone

    Light weight zone - our light weigh zone is perfect for people just beginning in the gym, as it offers a light weight, unintimidating environment with a full range of equipment and free weights in which you can learn how to exercise effectively.

  • Cardio

    Cardio zone - with our top of the range Techno Gym Branded cardio equipment you can work up a sweat whilst ensuring you keep your heart and lungs in healthy working order, not up for a hard out cardio session then why not browse the internet, watch a movie or play some games on our touch screen interactive system.

  • Studio 1

    Studio 1- group fitness studio number 1 offers a full range of Les Mills classes with over 25 classes running each week, the great thing is ALL Les Mills classes are included in our weekly membership price. Why not check out the timetable and see which of the ranges of classes sounds like you. Outside of these times the studio can be used for whatever you like, such as little circuits, stretching and rolling.

  • Studio 2

    Studio 2- is our functional zone. Functional movements are based on real world situational biomechanics, meaning that we move through many planes of motion engaging the core a lot more than we would by using the machines. In this room you will find the Queenax rig, the first one of its kind in New Zealand, we utilize this rig by teaching suspension training as well as using its many other functions to give you the best core and postural work out of your life.

  • Outdoor

    Outdoor – Out the back of the club, overlooking the railway station, we have an area that is used for HIIT/Strong man training, and everything in between. We have large tires for flipping, battle ropes, agility ladders and so much more! This is a great area to train on those nice evenings during daylight savings.

  • Stretch

    Stretch – It is important after any workout to stretch out your muscles to avoid injury. We have 2 specific stretching areas, that all equipment to assist your stretching, such as Foam Rollers, exercise mats and charts to help you.

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